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  • Benjabelle Sunflower Brush Tree


    How long has it been since you cleaned your makeup brushes? Weeks? Months? Ever? After you’ve gently washed your blush and shadow brushes in baby shampoo, hang them upside down to dry on this nifty black lacquer rack. It keeps the brushes’ shape intact, and prevents water from ruining the ferrule. They’ll also be neatly organized for the next time you’re ready to try a smokey eye look.

    $40 at Beautylish | Buy

    | Posted 14 Aug, 2014 by Janet
  • Country Bacon Bird Dog Biscuits


    Fido deserves the best, and these homemade doggy treats are sure to make him paws-itively ecstatic. Plus, once the container’s empty, you can re-use it to hold dog leashes, dog toys, and other pup paraphernalia.

    $14 at Waiting on Martha | Buy

    | Posted 13 Aug, 2014 by Janet
  • Strike Gold Coffee Pitcher


    Unleash your inner Trump each morning when you pour your coffee from this solid gold (not really) coffee carafe. If that doesn’t make your morning a little better, nothing will. Except maybe photos of cute animals.

    $70 at Nasty Gal | Buy

    | Posted 13 Aug, 2014 by Janet
  • Paper Source Fox Glasses


    Toast to summer with these whimsical fox drinking glasses. The 5” high size is perfect for a serving of chilled wine, fruity sangria, or even just juice for the kiddos.

    $20 at Orange And Pear | Buy

    | Posted 31 Jul, 2014 by Janet
  • Murchison Home Ladies & Boys Bathroom Cleaner


    Let’s talk cleaning products: Specifically, how standard chemical cleaners smell horrible and leave you with a headache, and how a lot of “green” cleaners smell great but just sort of move dirt and mildew around instead of actually cleaning it. These beautifully scented, natural cleaners are designed for the bathroom… and they actually work. Hallelujah!

    $8 at Red Barn Mercantile | Buy

    | Posted 31 Jul, 2014 by Janet
  • Inking and Dreaming Duvet Cover


    So, tell us, what do YOU see in the inkblots? Whatever you see, from vases to horses to your mother-in-law, we bet it’ll lead to some interesting dreams.

    $90 at ModCloth | Buy

    | Posted 21 Jul, 2014 by Janet
  • Celebrate! Contemporary Champagne Flutes


    You got a promotion. Your kids went to summer camp for a month. Your best friend got engaged. It’s Tuesday. Whatever the occasion, toast to it with these engraved champagne flutes. Cheers, indeed!

    $68 at Nordstrom | Buy

    | Posted 21 Jul, 2014 by Janet
  • French Bull Raj Melamine Dinner Plate


    Treat your table to gorgeous bright colors and patterns, with a surprise side of serious durability, with these paisley melamine plates. They’re scratch and shatter resistant, dishwasher safe, and totally chic. Not a combo we’ve seen before!

    $11 at Boxhill | Buy

    | Posted 17 Jul, 2014 by Janet
  • Handmade Carved Oak Swing


    Swing into the summer dusk on a handmade, reclaimed oak swing. This backyard staple can be personalized, too, to make it an even sweeter heirloom.

    $295 at Kaufman Mercantile | Buy

    | Posted 17 Jul, 2014 by Rene
  • Moooi Labyrinth Chair


    Sooo, we don’t exactly have 3 grand lying around to spare for this graphic maze-printed armchair, but that won’t stop us from dreaming. It’s inspiring us to find throw pillows, blankets, and other home decor accessories in similar crisp, bright patterns and colors to add a little labyrinthine flair to our own low-budget homes!

    $3,075 at Hive Modern | Buy

    | Posted 09 Jul, 2014 by Janet
  • These Creatures Lucky Charging Station


    Why not charge your phone and iPad where you hang your coat, purse, and keys? Having a one-stop “drop spot” means you’re way less likely to lose any of the aforementioned daily necessities, after all. Available in four colors, this powder-coated steel coat rack includes a shelf top to hold electronics, with cutout tabs for charging cords.

    $48 at Red Sail | Buy

    | Posted 09 Jul, 2014 by Janet
  • Love Thy Beast Energy Pyramid


    Cats and small dogs who love their privacy will adore this graphic-print hideout. The inside includes cardboard cat toys and a corrugated scratching mat, meaning no more scratch marks on the sofa. The pyramid itself is coated with acrylic, so you can easily wipe it clean.

    $39 at Olive Green Dog | Buy

    | Posted 25 Jun, 2014 by Janet

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