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  • Patterned Tray


    Shabby chic-style lovers will adore this vintage rose-patterned plastic tray, perfect for serving old-fashioned summer cocktails and mocktails on. Just don’t be surprised if it gets more attention than your actual rose plants.

    $20 at H&M | Buy

    | Posted 03 Jun, 2015 in Outdoor by Janet
  • Mango Tango Reversible Indoor/Outdoor Rug


    Like the Big Lebowski says, a good rug really ties the room together. Even if that room is outdoors. This reversible rug features a raspberry border and orange interior on one side, with an orange border and raspberry interior on the other side. Made from recycled plastic, and available in sizes from 2’x4’ ($20) to 9’x12’ ($115).

    $115 at Lulu & Georgia | Buy

    | Posted 03 Jun, 2015 in Outdoor by Janet
  • All-Weather Newport Lounger


    Think of this as a beanbag chair, all grown up. Available in four summer-bright color combos, this cozy, soft chair is made from a weather-resistant polyester canvas that resists water and fading. Drag it outside and kick back with a good book and a bottle of your favorite beer. Ahhh, perfection.

    $295 at Serena & Lily | Buy

    | Posted 03 Jun, 2015 in Outdoor by Janet
  • Charcoal Companion Quesadilla Grill Basket


    Sure, grilled quesadillas sound like crispy, smoky deliciousness, but think outside the quesadilla, people! How about a grilled pizza? Grilled tarte tatin? The possibilities are endless.

    $13 at Chefs Catalog | Buy

    | Posted 01 Jun, 2015 in Outdoor by Janet
  • Crosley Gracie Retro Spring Chairs


    Forget traditional black wrought iron deck chairs! Go for a burst of fresh color with these retro-style spring deck chairs, available in white, teal, bright green, or crimson. Constructed of durable steel with a weather-resistant powder coated finish.

    $100 at Bed Bath & Beyond | Buy

    | Posted 01 Jun, 2015 in Outdoor by Janet
  • Cuisinart Everyday Portable Electric Tabletop Grill


    Many apartment complexes don’t allow gas or charcoal grills, or you don’t have enough space for a full-sized grill on your tiny apartment balcony. Solution? This nifty electric tabletop grill! It’s big enough to cook up to 8 hamburgers or steaks at once, and is easy to clean.

    $215 at JC Penney | Buy

    | Posted 01 Jun, 2015 in Outdoor by Janet
  • Circle Glass Mini Yorkshire Double Beverage Dispenser


    Treat your guests to two different cold beverages at once with this quaint, Mason jar-styled dispenser. White sangria and red sangria? Pink lemonade and yellow lemonade? Pimm’s Cup and kombucha? You decide!

    $34 at Nordstrom | Buy

    | Posted 01 Jun, 2015 in Outdoor by Janet
  • Outdoor Stemless Wine Glasses


    No one wants to spend an afternoon trying to pick pieces of broken wineglasses out of the slats of their deck! These glasses are made of nigh-on indestructible Titan plastic, are dishwasher safe, and are stemless for less spillage. On sale for $28 (regularly $40) for a set of six glasses.

    $28 at Sur La Table | Buy

    | Posted 01 Jun, 2015 in Outdoor by Janet
  • Prism Plant Stand


    Ideal for small apartment balconies where you still want to do some gardening, this plant stand helps you cram a lot of foliage into a small space. Holds four 6” planters of your choice.

    $249 at West Elm | Buy

    | Posted 14 Apr, 2015 in Outdoor by Janet
  • Redwood Stoneworks Gold Teardrop Planters


    Tuck a few succulents or climbing vines in this set of three plaster planters, cut in the shape of chunky gemstones. Why shouldn’t plants get a little bling action, right?

    $49 at One Kings Lane | Buy

    | Posted 09 Apr, 2015 in Outdoor by Janet
  • Flango Hanging Plant Pot


    Even if your outdoor space is limited to a five-square-foot apartment balcony, you can still have a mini garden with this gorgeous hanging planter. Each is handmade in Canada from double powder coated galvanized steel, and is available in six colors.

    $129 at Gallant and Jones | Buy

    | Posted 21 Aug, 2014 in Outdoor by Janet
  • Handmade Carved Oak Swing


    Swing into the summer dusk on a handmade, reclaimed oak swing. This backyard staple can be personalized, too, to make it an even sweeter heirloom.

    $295 at Kaufman Mercantile | Buy

    | Posted 17 Jul, 2014 in Outdoor by Rene
  • Put Your Best Foot Forward Door Mat


    Some mornings (Monday, we’re looking at you), we need a little extra reminder to square our shoulders, put a smile on our faces, and face the world with renewed energy. This cheerful doormat, made from coir, does just that.

    $45 at Izola | Buy

    | Posted 18 Dec, 2013 in Outdoor by Janet
  • Smith & Hawken Caged Lantern String Light


    Ambiance like WHOA. Light it up in soft, old-timey fashion with retro-inspired lantern lights from Smith & Hawken. Your patio is suddenly the most romantic spot on the block.

    $25 at Target | Buy

    | Posted 05 Sep, 2013 in Outdoor by Rene
  • Fire Sense Copper Rail Fire Pit


    All of the ambiance of a campfire with minimal effort and danger involved- this is what we love about fire pits. Fire Sense has added a copper rim and a weave-pattern to their pit which ups the style factor without detracting from the cozy factor.

    $154 at Sears | Buy

    | Posted 28 Aug, 2013 in Outdoor by Rene
  • S’Mores Kit


    Ditch your typical scoop of ice cream after dinner for a real dessert. Recchiuti Confections makes their own vanilla bean marshmallows, graham cookies and dark chocolate in this kit, and it is totally worth it, price and calorie-wise.

    $25 at Recchiuti Confections | Buy

    | Posted 26 Aug, 2013 in Outdoor by Rene
  • Adults-Only Campfire


    Brought to you by Energizer®. Click here to learn more about Energizer® Portable Lights with Light Fusion Technology.

    We’re not ones to rush the seasons, but we do have to face facts: August is almost all gone, y’all. Though that makes us prematurely nostalgic for beach days and margaritas, let’s not forget that fall often gets a bad reputation. Sure, it’s great for snuggling and football games and Halloween, but even in the frosty Northeast, temperatures stay well into the seventies through September. (Does anyone else remember sweating through their first-day-of-school corduroys back in the day? Our mothers refused to believe how warm fall can be, too.) So fear not, outdoor lovers, there is no need to pack away the lawn furntiure and cornhole just yet. Fall is a great time to host an adults-only campfire. No children, mosquitos or Kumbaya singing allowed- only some snacks, drinks, and good company around a crackling fire. With help from our friends at Energizer, we’re rounding up the must-haves for a successful and, we admit it, snuggly, early fall campfire.

    Fire Sense Copper Rail Fire Pit Clearly no campfire is complete without, you know, actual fire. Skip the burned lawn look; you can get pretty decent fire pits at any big-box retailer, but this painted steel one from Sears features a copper ring detail which will look so lovely all aglow.

    Energizer Portable Lights Not even considering how cute that little lantern is, Energizer’s new line of portable lights are so handy, especially when partying in the backyard after dark. Use the Folding Lantern to light a pathway or direct guests to the cooler. The Pop-Up Lantern and Directional Light are great to to do quick checks on the fire or to glance at that cocktail recipe. We think these clever little lights will be put to good use for trick-or-treating and ghost story sessions later in the fall, too.

    Smith & Hawken Caged Lantern String Light Energizer has your real-life, usable lighting needs covered, so let this string of old-timey lantern lights from Target add to the ambiance of the evening. Any backyard gathering will instantly feel cozier and more festive when these lovely lights are lit.

    Williams-Sonoma Pomogranate-Blueberry Cocktail Mixer OK, I’ll have just one. A cocktail turns a few friends sitting around a fire into an actual party, and Williams-Sonoma does the hard work for you by pairing pomogranate and blueberry juices with pure cane sugar in their easy-as-pie cocktail mixer. Add almost any liquor and it will taste amazing.

    Big Sur Cabin Spray Maybe your backyard is basically a patio, a stoop, or just a slab of concrete. No worries, you can get that camping-out-under-the-stars vibe going with Juniper Ridge’s Big Sur Cabin Spray. The fragrance is an all-natural combination of plants, bark, and many other elements of the woods. Breathe in and pretend you are high up in the mountains.

    Pendleton Woolen Diamond Medallion Throw No matter how warm the fall days get, the evenings have a distinct coolness to them. Pendleton’s wool blankets are an American stalwart that will keep you toasty warm all night long. We love the new, colorful diamond medallion print.

    Recchiuti S’Mores Kit Hands off, kids! This kit is for grown-up palates only. Handmade vanilla bean marshmallows, graham cookies and a bittersweet chocolate bar make this sweet collection a hot commodity by the campfire.

    $0 at Energizer | Buy

    | Posted 15 Aug, 2013 in Outdoor by Rene
  • Paradiso Double Hammock


    There’s nothing better than whiling away a summer afternoon with a good book, glass of (spiked) lemonade, and a hammock - unless, that is, that hammock’s big enough for two. Wink, wink.

    $168 at Sundance Catalog | Buy

    | Posted 24 Jun, 2013 in Outdoor by Janet
  • Kamala Birdbath


    Most birdbaths trend towards the “unbelievably kitschy” side of things, but not this sleek ceramic bath. A sleek, matte black base frames the turquoise glazed bowl, and the bowl itself is easily removable for cleaning.

    $160 at Crate and Barrel | Buy

    | Posted 20 Jun, 2013 in Outdoor by Janet
  • Seed Bombs


    Take the guesswork out of what to plant where with these fun seed bombs. Just toss them anywhere you like - no digging required! - and you’ll eventually be rewarded with an assortment of wildflowers, herbs, and other plants. Just add water.

    $6 at Anthropologie | Buy

    | Posted 12 Jun, 2013 in Outdoor by Janet
  • Crab Garden Sculpture


    What’s a garden without a whimsical tchotchke or two? Crafted from used pliers, bolts, and other recycled metal parts, this cute crustacean will add a pinch (ha) of style and humor to your garden.

    $35 at Uncommon Goods | Buy

    | Posted 30 May, 2013 in Outdoor by Janet
  • Natural Wood Potting Bench


    Serious about gardening? Then you’ll need a potting bench to store your planters, trowels, bags of soil, and other gardening paraphernalia. This natural tropical hardwood bench features a foldout shelf for additional work space, hooks to hang tools from, and upper and lower shelves for storage.

    $120 at Cost Plus World Market | Buy

    | Posted 30 May, 2013 in Outdoor by Janet
  • Hudson Valley Herb Seeds


    It’s too late in the season to plant a lot of fruits and vegetables, but herbs? Those are anytime plants! This set of five packets of heirloom seeds includes: Gigante d’Italia Parsley, Mammoth Dill, Summer Savory, Cilantro, and Basil Bouquet. Just add water, soil, and sun for a bountiful harvest of fresh green herbs.

    $8 at West Elm | Buy

    | Posted 28 May, 2013 in Outdoor by Janet
  • Dramm Garden Hose


    Come on, hose, don’t blend in with the grass. Stand out while you’re watering the lawn, refreshing the flowers or lubing up the slip-n-slide. Dramm hoses are kink-free, too, and easy to coil.

    $55 at West Elm | Buy

    | Posted 07 May, 2013 in Outdoor by Rene
  • Planter Art Slipcovers


    Got a ton of mismatched planters that have seen better days, aesthetically speaking, but are still functional? Instead of laboriously painting each one, do what you did with your old sofa: Slipcover it! Priced at $7-$20, depending on size, and available in three cheery floral prints, they’re an easy way to update your pots and planters for spring and summer blooms.

    $20 at Gardener's Supply Company | Buy

    | Posted 06 May, 2013 in Outdoor by Janet

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