Summertime Sippin’

Plain ol’ lemonade and iced tea are nice summer drinks all on their own, but toss in a little top-shelf liquor and you’ve got an extra-relaxing chilled beverage on a hot summer’s day. Here’s a selection of liquors, mixers, and cocktail must-haves for your hot weather bartending needs.

Summertime, and the Living Is Easy

Summer technically starts on June 21st, but it feels like it unofficially begins Memorial Day Weekend. Time to start living outdoors and soak up the sun! We’ve shopped around for you and found a great selection of outdoor furniture, dishes, décor, and more.

Baths Ahoy! Brighten Up Your Bathroom

Moving into your first apartment this summer? Congrats! Most apartment bathrooms are pretty bland – white and beige and nothing else. Spruce up your powder room with these fun, inexpensive bath accessories and turn getting ready into an aesthetic experience.

Fresh Home Finds

Fall is the perfect time to freshen up your home goods. As we put away the outdoor furniture and beach gear, its easy to feel a bit glum about the end of another warm and sunny summer. Indulge in a little something for your home to uplift those spirits and liven up your space. You’re going to be spending more time inside, so you might as well enjoy what you’re looking at, right? Check out these clever, cute and lovely finds that will spruce things up and put a smile on your face.

Falling (Back) In Love With Your House: Fresh Updates For Fall

Are you singing the back-to-school blues? Join the club.

How Does Your Garden Grow?

Mary, Mary, how does your garden grow? With terracotta pots, and chicken coops, and square foot raised bed gardens all in a row? These days, gardening is all the rage, whether you’re planting flowers, fruits, vegetables or herbs. We’re rounding up some of our favorite new green thumb-approved products for your green spaces this spring and summer.

Fall-Inspired Home Decor

Seasonless home decor is great, but don’t you get a little…. bored? So do we! We’re offering up some reasonably priced touches and tchotchkes that will pumpkin pie-spice up your home for crisp fall weather. Get ready to add warmth, dimension, and visual interest to your space, without spending your entire Christmas gift budget on one piece. Best part? There’s not a bit of kitsch in sight here, just unique, classy items that are fun, functional, and modern.

The Great Outdoors

During warmer months the outdoors can function as an extension of your living room. So why do we so often ignore it when it comes to decor? Ratty lawn chairs and a rusty grill do not make for an inviting outdoor oasis. Don’t hold back- decorate your patio or porch the same way you would the inside of your house, and create an inviting area for entertaining and lounging. Dining al fresco, playing lawn games or just reclining in style- your space can accomodate all of that, and maybe more. We’ve gathered up some inspiration for you to get started on embracing outdoor living, dining and decorating. Now go outside and enjoy.

Dining Alfresco

Only a few weeks away, summer is all about spending time outside. Sunshine, blue skies and warm weather mean garden parties, picnics at the park, backyard barbeques and drinks on the porch. Whether youre enjoying breakfast for two or hosting a full-fledged party, planning an elegant and sophisticated affair or something more laidback and casual, dining alfresco is a summer must. It is a great way to meet the neighbors or get together with friends and family. Start making some plans, soak up some sun, and enjoy a little fresh air. Weve rounded up a few ideas to inspire your summer.

Line It Up: Wallpaper

Wallpaper has gotten itself a bad reputation. Most knee-jerk reactions are: 1) It is ugly, and 2) It is so difficult to put up. While, yes, there is still a lot- too much- ugly wallpaper on the market, we tend to think back to busy tiny patterns favored by grandmothers and country bed and breakfasts. Or the explosion of big florals in the 80’s. Many walls are still shuddering at the memory of what was pasted to them during those heady times. Not only has the design aspect of wallpaper come leaps and bounds in recent years, technology is helping us out with hanging it on our walls. Many brands now carry adhesive wallpaper- giant stickers, basically, and some others have improved the quality of the backing so while it stays put on the wall, getting it off doesn’t involve a weekend with a steamer and copious tears. Wallpaper is, in fact, a super easy way to jazz up a room. With the right pattern, your decorating can be kept minimal but still look interior designer-worthy. If you love prints and color, try a roll of wallpaper to bring a room to life. Check out this line up of new designs we think will make your walls happy.

Beyond Bath Mats: Fresh Bathroom Accents

Bathrooms can feel so blah, so easily. By design they tend to be neutral and tiled, leaving a cold and sterile feeling. And, especially if you’re renting or not very invested in home renovation, why bother sprucing it up? You’re in there for a limited amount of time each day, and it isn’t exactly quality time. Well, there are several reasons. Adding a few dashes of color and style will make you feel infinitely better about your powder room, and since it is a room people besides you will visit, it could stand to look presentable. (Don’t be that person with a gross/depressing/weird bathroom!) By using accessories to spice up your space, the wow factor is far greater than the cost factor. Bonus- accessories are not cemented to the wall or floor, so they can easily be swapped out and can move right along with the rest of your furniture and decor should you change addresses. Check out a few fun pops for your potty and get some bathroom inspiration. Who knows, it just might become your new favorite room.

Stick It To Me: Cool Candlesticks

Liven up your tablescapes with a fresh new pair of candlesticks. Once the fussy hallmark of a wedding registry- Who really has the time to polish silver?- these dining room staples are now super affordable and hipper than ever. Candles are an easy (and inexpensive) way to add ambiance and the candleholders are just as important. Depending on your pair, your party could trend towards homey-rusticness or elegant formality. Whatever your taste, or occasion, there are candlesticks out there to suit your fancy. Here are few of our favorites.

High-Style, Low Cost Children’s Furniture

So Junior’s room needs a serious update from the baby ruffles and pastels, but designer pieces are not in the budget for this particular room. Try these super-stylish pieces to add a fresh, modern touch.

Salt Cellar Round Up
The Perfect Thanksgiving Table

A few ideas to make dinner at your house a feast for the eyes.

Furniture with Storage Solutions

You need buy some stuff that has a place for all your other stuff.

Let’s Go on a Picnic! The Guide

The only thing better than cake is eating cake outdoors in the sunshine. Kick off your shoes, pop open the champagne. Picnic season is upon us.

Bottle Opener Roundup

So many clever ways to open your beer. And your husband will still use his teeth.

Surf Shack

Fresh coconut for breakfast, saltwater for lunch, cold beer with dinner. If it’s warm enough, let’s sleep in the hammocks tonight.

The Best Gifts for Gardeners
The Birds! The Birds!

A roundup of all the best bird feeders and bird houses.

Easter Brunch at Your Haus

Your family reunions are a competitive sport, and it’s your turn to host. No problem, a few touches of spring, one or two essentials, and you win.

Spring Party Favors

A few ideas to brighten Spring brunch at your place, or your family’s annual Easter gathering.

Organize Your Office

Where’s your social security card again? Oh yeah, in the desk drawer with your old Coffee Shop Loyalty cards and the misspelled business cards you ordered two years ago. So that’s not optimal.

Once you create a place for everything, you can put everything in its place. Until then, you’ll have no idea where to find a pen.

Ski Lodge Chic

Warm fire, hot cocoa, and company. There’s a reason everyone likes to hang out at the lodge.

French Kitchen

Latte bowls, flour covered aprons, cannelle toasting in the oven. French kitchens are such cozy kitchens. Maybe its how everything smells like vanilla, and good coffee, and leisure time.

Christmas Stocking Roundup
Christmas Tree Ornaments Roundup

Ornaments are a nice traditional gift that reminds loved ones of you whenever they trim the tree. They also make fun gift toppers.

2010 Calendar Guide for Luddites

Look, maybe you want to store your calendar in the Cloud so you can sync it with your phone. I want to hang my calendar on the wall so I can gaze at the neat little boxes and do some plotting with a fresh pen. We’re different that way.

Home Decor for the Recovering Goth

For the part of you that wishes you could celebrate Halloween all year.

Tea Towel Roundup
Breakfast In Bed
Take That, Winter

At this point, there are very few things that could make you grateful for snow. So rather than try to embrace Winter, here are our suggestions for the best ways to prevail against it.

Scale Round Up
Tea Drinker’s Guide

On the New Year, you quit smoking, took a break from drinking, cut out coffee, limited sweets. You seem kind of edgy. Care for a cup of tea?

Afternoon tea will give you a spot of peace in your day, and a moment to reflect on the new, improved you. Equip yourself for a new ritual.

Indoor Garden Guide

You have visions of tilling the soil and growing all your own vegetables, making tisanes of fresh-cut mint. Sadly, there’s not that much room on your fire escape.

Here a few options for folks with no dirt to call their own, or green-thumb types who crave some gardening time in the dead of winter.

Calendar Round Up 2009

In 2009 you will remember every birthday, every tooth cleaning, every oil change and tune-up. Your mother will get flowers; you will turn your mattress; you will schedule your vacation months in advance. Mighty Goods picks the calendars that will help.

Gifts For The Dorm

Shot glasses? Check. Bong? Check.

They have the basics covered, but most dorm rooms aren’t exactly tricked out with all the comforts of home. Here are a few gifts for the dorm with enough style to graduate to off-campus housing.

Perfect Gifts For The Kitchen

Isn’t it excellent to have a chef among your circle of friends? They like to cook, you enjoy eating – symbiosis! Show them how much you appreciate all the dinner parties, brunches, and late-night snacks, with these thoughtful gifts for the kitchen.

Green Christmas Guide

Buying green no longer means hemp socks and tie-dyed pot holders for the whole family. Though your mom really does seem to love her tie-dyed pot holder.

This year, buy some gifts that won’t hurt the planet. And make your mom a T-shirt.

Stocking Round Up

Ready to ditch the one you bought in college at the corner drugstore? Here are a few upgrades for your mantel.

Menorah Round Up
Perfect Gifts For Entertainers

They’re the ones who are always looking for an excuse to have a dinner party. Let them know you appreciate their hospitality and allowing you to avoid scrubbing the bathroom for company at your own place.

Christmas Ornament Round-Up

Trimmings for your tree! Because if you’re going to leave the tree up until half way through January, it might as well look festive.

Wreath Round Up
10 DIY Ideas For Neighbor Gifts

You’re rich in friends, but tight on cash. Still, when someone comes around with an unexpected gift, you want to be prepared.

Here are a bunch of easy containers and products to help with your handmade treats. Bundle them up, and have them on hand next time someone surprises you with a poinsettia.

Thanksgiving At Your Haus

You’re officially a grown up when you’re setting the Thanksgiving table for friends and family. Here’s everything you need to make the day perfect. Except the pies. You’re definitely gonna need some pies.

Placecard Holder Round Up

Without some adorable figural indicator, how will everyone know where to sit? They’ll just shuffle their feet, and devour the cheese platter while the hours tick by. Thank heavens for tiny topiaries and letterpress place cards.

Prepare a Welcoming Guest Room

When guests come to visit, you want them to feel not only comfortable, but also welcome. They need fresh sheets, clean towels, and maybe even a midnight snack. Here are a few guest room amenities that show guests you’re happy for their company.

Halloween Decor Guide

Put away the dancing skeleton and the singing shrunken head. We’re looking for a more refined and subtle Halloween atmosphere. Here’s a collection of spooky things to make your house feel a little eerie. No cackling witches required.

Guest Editor: Jordan Ferney from Oh Happy Day!

Jordan Ferney is married to a handsome redheaded artist, they have a little boy. She likes good weather and pretty things. You can see more of her perfect finds at Oh Happy Day.

Deck Your Deck

In the middle of winter you can’t wait to be out on the deck enjoying the warm weather. Winter will be back before you know it, get as much as you can out of that outdoor space while the getting’s good.

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