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  • The Art Museum


    If you could design your own museum, what would you include? In nearly 1,000 pages, Phaidon created an imaginary art museum suitable for your coffee table. The Art Museum houses imagined galleries and rooms with everything from Da Vinci’s Mona Lisa to the Tomb of Tutankhamen – making it perfect for that spot which currently only houses the remote control.

    $200 at Phaidon | Buy

    | Posted 23 Mar, 2012 by Christy
  • Wooden Radio


    This wooden radio manages to be nostalgic and modern at the same time. Turn the wooden dials in search of your AM/FM faves, or plug in your iPod to rock your current playlist.

    $275 at The Curiosity Shoppe | Buy

    | Posted 15 Mar, 2012 by Christy
  • ARA Bowl


    Dress up your entryway with a touch of Bali. Handcarved from teak root, each polished bowl is truly one of a kind and makes a great stand-alone piece, or an exquisite landing spot for your keys.

    $129 at Foreign Affairs | Buy

    | Posted 05 Mar, 2012 by Christy
  • Dwell Studio Peony Floral Pillow Cover


    Spruce up your sofa for spring. A new outfit for your throw pillows should do the trick. We are fans of Dwell Studio’s which pairs buttery yellow with calm and elegant grey.

    $42 at Whitlock and Co. | Buy

    | Posted 28 Feb, 2012 by Christy
  • Archictectural Blocks


    Create your own abstract centerpiece with this set of teak architectural building blocks for grownups. Permission to play, granted! Comes with a drawstring bag for clean-up time.

    $78 at Jayson Home | Buy

    | Posted 23 Feb, 2012 by Christy
  • By the Pint Dishtowel


    New dishtowels are a great way to freshen up your kitchen. Add the vibrant artwork of legendary artist Vera Neumann, and you might just forget winter hasn’t quite made an exit.

    $6 at Crate and Barrel | Buy

    | Posted 21 Feb, 2012 by Christy
  • Monogrammed Magnetic Burlap Board


    Even burlap looks sharper when monogrammed.

    $69 at Ballard Designs | Buy

    | Posted 13 Feb, 2012 by Rene
  • Hobnail Glassware


    Hobnail glassware is perfect for serving up refreshments in old fashioned style. If it’s a sunny weekend, and the refreshment being served is sangria? Even better.

    $80 at Horchow | Buy

    | Posted 10 Feb, 2012 by Christy
  • Faux Giraffe Magazine Bucket


    The slightest update can really perk up a room. Faux giraffe print gives your space a chic aesthetic, while making itself useful as storage for whatever needs rounding up in exotic style.

    $275 at Inside Avenue | Buy

    | Posted 09 Feb, 2012 by Christy
  • Thomas Paul Octopus Throw


    Get cozy under this winter warmer. Made in Peru of 100% baby alpaca, it’s super soft. The realistic octopus design by Thomas Paul makes it a quirky complement to your sofa.

    $350 at All Modern | Buy

    | Posted 01 Feb, 2012 by Christy
  • Me and You Pillowcase Set


    Like two pieces of a puzzle, you belong together. Convey that sentiment with this set of pillowcases – and maybe claim your side of the bed. Now, which one is yours: Me or You?

    $24 at Urban Outfitters | Buy

    (On Sale.)

    | Posted 24 Jan, 2012 by Christy
  • Marjorie Chair


    When a sophisticated chair is upholstered in denim, it takes on a comfortable feel. Meet the Marjorie. It is simultaneously stylish and relaxed, just like you in your favorite pair of jeans.

    $1,500 at Anthropologie | Buy

    | Posted 18 Jan, 2012 by Christy
  • Keep Calm and Carry On Framed Poster


    Don’t the frantic holidays seem like a fitting time to adopt a “keep calm” mantra? Hang this hugely popular WWII slogan in a prominent place as a reminder.

    $124 at Decorative Things | Buy

    | Posted 19 Dec, 2011 by Christy
  • Mini Martini Glass


    Mini versions of the classic martini glass, these are perfect for serving dessert samples or tiny ‘tinis at your annual tasting party. And, these glasses won’t break the bank if a few get broken.

    $2 at Crate and Barrel | Buy

    | Posted 12 Dec, 2011 by Christy
  • Emma Cake Stand


    That store-bought cake will look fabulous on this elegant pedestal stand. You might even be asked to bring dessert again next year.

    $45 at Pottery Barn | Buy

    | Posted 09 Dec, 2011 by Christy
  • Epicurean Pizza Cutter


    Add a touch of panache to pizza night. Divvy up slices of deep-dish with this efficient pizza cutter by eco-friendly Epicurean. Your friends will be captivated by your swift pizza cutting skills.

    $20 at Sur La Table | Buy

    | Posted 06 Dec, 2011 by Christy
  • Mod Bird Pillow


    A bird on the pillow is worth two in the…uh…Anyway! This sweet printed pillow by Bark Decor is sure to brighten up your sofa, living room and day.

    $32 at Bark Decor | Buy

    | Posted 09 Nov, 2011 by Rene
  • Vintage King And Queen Playing Card Prints


    These gorgeous photo prints of vintage playing cards help illustrate who belongs on which side of the bed. And won’t you feel grand snoozing under a noble queen and king?

    $84 at Petek Design | Buy

    | Posted 08 Nov, 2011 by Rene
  • Fuego Bio Firelight


    Set the mood to cozy with a firelight by HolmbäckNordentoft for Stelton. Bioethanol keeps the fire bright and warm, but smoke and odor-free.

    $200 at A+R Store | Buy

    | Posted 19 Oct, 2011 by Rene
  • Joseph Joseph Orb Mortar & Pestle


    Grind up herbs in a sleek and smooth orb-shaped mortar and pestle. The lid also doubles as a hand-held mortar for small doses. As a bonus, you can stump dinner guests in guessing what it actually is.

    $30 at Willow And Brown Co. | Buy

    | Posted 29 Aug, 2011 by Rene
  • Cloud Bread Board


    Keep your head in the clouds while toiling away in the kitchen.

    $27 at snugstudio | Buy

    | Posted 17 Aug, 2011 by Rene
  • Multi Bright Pillow Ball


    One doesn’t expect a pillow to be so colorful, or round, but this soft sphere is made of silk neckties- all the better to rest your head on.

    $199 at High Fashion Home | Buy

    | Posted 08 Aug, 2011 by Rene
  • Kissing Candleholders


    Sleek, crystal-clear candlesticks lean in to each other as if to sneak a kiss- a great anniversary or wedding gift.

    $50 at MOMA Store | Buy

    | Posted 05 Aug, 2011 by Rene
  • Distortion Candlestick in Gray


    No, you haven’t had too much to drink, that candlestick really is topsy and turvy. This artfully playful design from Areaware is made of crushed marble, making it a substantial, albeit crooked, stick.

    $24 at Gretel | Buy

    | Posted 05 Aug, 2011 by Rene
  • Jonathan Adler Zoology Candlestick Collection


    Jonathan Adler’s whimsical white candlesticks are the perfect combination of function and fun. Whale, squirrel, elephant- which animal suits you best? Mix and match creatures for an utterly zoological feel.

    $48 at Macy's | Buy

    | Posted 04 Aug, 2011 by Rene

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