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Mary Cris Complex Executive Homes

Malagasang, Cavite
Mary Cris Complex Executive Homes is residential, townhouse in Dasmarinas, Manila.
It is not recommended to go to the center of Manila by car.
The closest supermarkets are JMIE GEN.MDSE. and S2EA-J Store which 2.6 km and 3.7 km away from Mary Cris Complex Executive Homes. There is a school (De La Caresse Montessori) 1.4 km away.
The closest cafe is Figaro, which is 2.5 km away. Closest restaurant is Parklane Cafe & Blendz, which is 1.6 km away. If you like fast food, there is Countryside 1.9 km away.
There is also a convenience store 1.1 km away.
For sport, Golden City Basketball Court 2, Golden City Basketball Court 1, Tipness Gym are close by (all three within 2 km from Mary Cris Complex Executive Homes).
The distance to the nearest bicycle shop (Ascend Bike Shop) is 3.3 km

Travel Time Map

Commute Time

Dasmarinas city center

3.4 km

General Trias city center

5.5 km

Imus city center

8.4 km

Noveleta city center

9.3 km

Kawit city center

10.1 km

Bacoor city center

11.6 km

San Pedro city center

13.6 km

Cavite City city center

14.5 km

Carmona city center

15.5 km

Silang city center

16.5 km

Naic city center

17.2 km

Indang city center

18.4 km

Pulong Santa Cruz city center

19.1 km

Santa Rosa city center

21.1 km

Maragondon city center

21.8 km

Ternate city center

23.2 km

Makati City city center

24.8 km

Mendez-Nunez city center

25.3 km

Taguig city center

25.4 km

Port Area city center

25.8 km

Neighbourhood Places

Supermarkets (6)
Gela Street B76 L27
S2EA-J Store 3.7 km
PUREGOLD - DAsmariñas 3.8 km
Dasmariñas Central Market 4.4 km
Lucky Juan Mini Mart 4.5 km
Alfamart 4.8 km
Convenience Stores (8)
Gen & Choi Sari-Sari Store 1.1 km
Malagasang Road 134
Seven 11 1.9 km
Buckingham Place Store 2.5 km
London 1
FamilyMart 2.6 km
Aguinaldo Highway
711 2.6 km
AlfaMart 2.6 km
7-Eleven 3 km
Aguinaldo Highway
Shell Store 3.1 km
Aguinaldo Highway
Food Stores (9)
Sr. Pedro Lechon Manok 1.9 km
J.Co Donuts 2.6 km
Aguinaldo Highway
Mister Donut 3.6 km
Goldilocks 3.6 km
Tin-tin Tricias's Bakery & Sari-sari Store 3.8 km
Monterey Meat Shop 3.8 km
Amboy's Bakeshop 3.9 km
Aguinaldo Highway
Kambal Pandesal 4 km
Anabu Road
Dasmariñas Slaughter House 4.4 km
Beauty Shops (4)
Erika Esteves Salon 3.5 km
Lyndon Barbershop 4.3 km
Edwin Samot Hair Salon 4.6 km
Aguinaldo Highway
Upward Salon 4.8 km
Arnaldo Highway

No Kindergartens found within 2 km
Schools (10)
De La Caresse Montessori 1.4 km
Tokyo Street
Hephzibah Praisers Academe 2.6 km
Glenridge 2.8 km
STI Colleges - Dasmariñas 3.3 km
Wizbee 3.4 km
Dasmariñas Elementary School 3.6 km
Asian Institute of Computer Studeis 3.6 km
Former ICA Tobong (Demolished) 3.8 km
National College of Science and Technology 3.8 km
ACLC Dasmariñas Campus 3.8 km
No Playgrounds found within 2 km
No Libraries found within 2 km
Post Offices (3)
Prince Joaquin 1.4 km
JRS Express 3.7 km
LBC 3.8 km
Places of Worship (9)
Ang Dating Daan 1.1 km
Saksi Ni Jabongga 1.4 km
Don Placido Campos Avenue
Aguinaldo Glass and Aluminum Supply 1.9 km
Seventh-day Adventist Church 3.5 km
Ang Dating Daan Area G. Cavite 3.6 km
Church of God - Dasmariñas 3.6 km
Ptr. Jerome Place 3.7 km
Ang Dating Daan Coordinating Center 3.8 km
Iglesia Ni Cristo 3.8 km
Sport (7)
Golden City Basketball Court 2 1.4 km
Golden City Basketball Court 1 1.4 km
Tipness Gym 2 km
Pat Patio Resort 3.3 km
Orchard Real Estate Golf and Country Club 4.3 km
EAC Sport Field 4.5 km
GCC Badminton and Gym 4.6 km

Coworking Spaces
No Coworking Spaces found within 2 km

Cafes (4)
Figaro 2.5 km
Aguinaldo Highway
Dunkin' Donuts 3.9 km
Aguinaldo Highway
Starbucks 4 km
Fast Food (10)
Countryside 1.9 km
Jollibbee 1.9 km
Aguinaldo Highway
DonGalo Tapsi 2.5 km
Jollibee 2.6 km
Aguinaldo Highway
McDonald's 2.6 km
Aguinaldo Highway
Bonchon 2.6 km
Aguinaldo Highway
Manangs Chicken 2.7 km
Aguinaldo Highway
Yellow Cab 2.7 km
Aguinaldo Highway
Army Navy 2.7 km
Aguinaldo Highway
KFC 3 km
Restaurants (10)
Parklane Cafe & Blendz 1.6 km
Sinugba ATBP 1.8 km
Pizza Hut 1.9 km
Max's Dasmariñas 2 km
Lugawan sa Distrito 2.6 km
Sumosam 2.6 km
Aguinaldo Highway
Burgoo 2.6 km
Aguinaldo Highway
Pancake House 2.7 km
Aguinaldo Highway
Gerry's Grill 2.7 km
Aguinaldo Highway
Red Kimono 2.7 km
Aguinaldo Highway
Bicycle Share/Rental
No Bicycle Share/Rental found within 2 km
Bicycle Shops (2)
Ascend Bike Shop 3.3 km
A.T.C Trading 4.1 km

Car Share
No Car Share found within 2 km
Car Repair (10)
Lucky Brothers Car Auto Shop 1.8 km
An Li Surplus Trading 1.8 km
Vulcanizing Shop 1.9 km
Yabidja Tire Center 1.9 km
JTU Auto Supply 1.9 km
Toyota Center Dasmariñas 2.2 km
Dynamic Tire Trading 2.2 km
Engentek 2.9 km
Yokohama Tires Supply 3.2 km
G3 Carwash 4 km
Parking (3)
The O Resort Parking 1.5 km
The District Cavite Parking 2.7 km
KFC Parking 3 km


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