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  • SkratchKabin Indoor Cat House


    Ditch that beat up cardboard contraption for something seriously more stylish. This well designed and, frankly, adorable cat house doubles as a scratcher for your favorite puss.

    $100 at 11 Main | Buy

    | Posted 27 Aug, 2015 by Rene
  • Kate Spade Dot Glassware


    You already own Kate Spade handbags, shoes, and jewelry – why shouldn’t your dishware get the same chic treatment? These minimalist highball and old-fashioned glasses ($50 for each set of two) are covered in cheery gold-foil polka dots, and they’re even dishwasher safe.

    $50 at Horchow | Buy

    | Posted 21 Jul, 2015 by Janet
  • Beer Sauce 3-pack Gift Set


    Elevate your Corona or Heineken to the next level with these savory beer mixers. The gift set includes Original, Smoky, and Extra Spicy flavors – just a couple dashes turns a beer into an icy, spicy gourmet experience.

    $42 at Drink Addition | Buy

    | Posted 10 Jun, 2015 by Janet
  • P&H Soda Co. Hibiscus Soda Syrup


    Hibiscus tea is a delicious, floral beverage – why not hibiscus syrup in your cocktails? This deep fuchsia syrup adds a gorgeous color and flowery, sweet flavor to cocktails, particularly margaritas.

    $10 at P&H Soda Co. | Buy

    | Posted 10 Jun, 2015 by Janet
  • St. Elder Natural Elderflower Liqueur


    Drink this sweet liqueur as an aperitif with mineral water and lemon, or mix it with gin for an elderflower Tom Collins. Produced in Massachusetts with North American elderflowers, it makes a great gift for bar enthusiasts.

    $16 at Arlington Wine & Liquor | Buy

    | Posted 10 Jun, 2015 by Janet
  • RIPE San Marzano Bloody Mary Bar Juice


    An icy, spicy bloody mary is practically a meal in and of itself, particularly if the bartender has gotten creative with the garnishes. This juice contains ripe imported San Marzano tomatoes, celery juice, lemon juice, balsamic vinegar, horseradish, grey Celtic sea salt, and spices for a tasty treat.

    $10 at RIPE Bar Juices | Buy

    | Posted 10 Jun, 2015 by Janet
  • Bang Candy Company Peach Basil Nectar


    Whether you use it in a complicated cocktail or just splash some in with prosecco or champagne, this sweet, herby syrup is a summer drink must-have. It can even be mixed in with sparkling water for a virgin drink for kids or pregnant ladies!

    $8 at Bang Candy Company | Buy

    | Posted 10 Jun, 2015 by Janet
  • The PDT Cocktail Book


    Please Don’t Tell is one of the best speakeasies in New York City, and their cocktails are legendary. Written by PDT proprietor, Jim Meehan, this book is a must-have for at-home bar aficionados, with over 300 cocktail recipes, plus recommendations on booze and mixer brands, bar design, and bar tools.

    $24 at Jack Rudy Cocktail Company | Buy

    | Posted 10 Jun, 2015 by Janet
  • Popaball Bursting Juice Bubbles


    Alcoholic boba bubble tea? Um, YES. Mix up an iced tea cocktail of your choice and, instead of ice cubes, pop in a chilled or frozen handful of these bursting juice bubbles. Delicious! Available in lychee, strawberry, green apple, blueberry, or passion fruit.

    $28 at Firebox | Buy

    | Posted 05 Jun, 2015 by Janet
  • Cola Maison Syrup


    Although this mixer is currently on backorder until June 22, we promise it’s worth the wait. Handmade in Quebec from natural ingredients and essential oils, it makes the best rum & coke we’ve ever tried. Just mix ¾ oz. of syrup, 1 ¼ oz. of quality rum (or any other spirit), and 2-3 oz. of sparkling water.

    $25 at Old Faithful Shop | Buy

    | Posted 05 Jun, 2015 by Janet
  • Patterned Tray


    Shabby chic-style lovers will adore this vintage rose-patterned plastic tray, perfect for serving old-fashioned summer cocktails and mocktails on. Just don’t be surprised if it gets more attention than your actual rose plants.

    $20 at H&M | Buy

    | Posted 03 Jun, 2015 by Janet
  • Mango Tango Reversible Indoor/Outdoor Rug


    Like the Big Lebowski says, a good rug really ties the room together. Even if that room is outdoors. This reversible rug features a raspberry border and orange interior on one side, with an orange border and raspberry interior on the other side. Made from recycled plastic, and available in sizes from 2’x4’ ($20) to 9’x12’ ($115).

    $115 at Lulu & Georgia | Buy

    | Posted 03 Jun, 2015 by Janet

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